The first article Transportation contract about the general passenger passenger vehicle transportation business we manage is chosen as the place a decree sets or a general custom about the matter by which this transportation provision has no decision by the place this transportation provision sets.

 When we met the special contract about a part article of this transportation provision in the area which isn't against these gist of a transportation provision and decree, it depends on the special contract in spite of decision of an article concerned.。

Instructions by the staff

The second article The second article A traveler has to follow directions on the work a staff of our driver and other things does for safety ensuring of transportation.

Acceptance of transportation

The third article We take traveler's transportation except for the case when we refuse acceptance of transportation or continuation by a regulation of the 2nd item 2 2nd item or 3 of the 4th article of an article and the 4th article next.

Acceptance of transportation and refusal of continuation

The fourth article When coming under one of them in each next number, we refuse acceptance of transportation or continuation.

  1. When an application of transportation concerned doesn't depend on this transportation provision.
  2. Equipment which suits transportation concerned cries.
  3. When a special burden could be asked from a subscriber about transportation concerned.
  4. When transportation concerned is against a regulation of a decree or official orderly young SHIKU in good manners.
  5. When a natural disaster and other things has a trouble on the transportation by an inevitable reason.
  6. When a traveler doesn't follow the measure crew's passenger vehicle transportation business does based on a regulation of a transit regulation.
  7. When a traveler is carrying the article which prohibited bringing in by a regulation of a transit regulation for passenger vehicle transportation business.
  8. When it's drunk so that walking is so difficult without person's help again that a traveler can't tell a destination clearly.
  9. When carrying out dirty dress with possibility that passenger may pollute in the car.
  10. When the passenger is seriously ill without an attendant.
  11. 12. Passengers with infections (one class infection, class two infections, new influenza etc.) or designated infections (limited to those requiring hospitalization) according to the law on medical care for patients with infections prevention and infections. Including those considered to be these patients) or those with a finding of a new infection.

2 of the fourth article A traveler has refrain from smoking in our nonsmoking compartment (I say the vehicle which indicated the effect which is a non-smoking car. It's same in the next clause.)

  When a traveler is going to smoke in our nonsmoking compartment or smoke, a driver asks to cancel smoking. When a traveler doesn't meet this demand, the other travelers who refuse acceptance of transportation or continuation ask the fare until they get off and other charges it required as well as when smoking was continued, business is canceled and a vehicle is cleaned, so compensation of damage in its cleaning price and open cancellation is asked.

3 of the fourth article A regulation of a decree to our driver or official orderly young SHIKU of a traveler has refrain from an act contrary to good manners (Sexual harassment, traveler's remark of a moral harassment and other things and behavior, etc. mean our driver unpleasantly irrespective of traveler's aim in Honjo, I say the act which injures dignity and gives disadvantage or gives a threat (It's called "harassment" in the following.).)

 When there was a harassment, a driver asks cancellation of a harassment, and a traveler doesn't meet this demand, it's reported to the police in a judgement of the other driver or us who refuses acceptance of transportation or continuation. Compensation of the damage which has formed by a harassment and the compensation are charged.

Fare and the charge

The fifth article The fare and the charge we receive depend on one which gets approval of a District Transport Bureau chief in traveler's ride the time and is putting it into effect.

 A fare of the preceding clause and the charge are chosen as the stated value of the fare meter container except for the case when time rent was covenanted.

Receipt of a fare and the charge

The sixth article We ask payment of a fare and the charge in case of traveler's getting off.

Responsibility to a traveler

The seventh article If we damage the life or the body of the passenger by the operation of our car, we will be responsible for the damages caused by this. However, that our company and our staff did not pay attention to the operation of the car, that there was a intention or fault in the passenger or a third party other than our staff, and there was a structural defect or failure in the car It is not this limitation when it proves that it did not exist.

 In the case of the preceding clause, the responsibility for the passenger of our company starts at the time of a passenger's entrainment, and finish it with alighting.

The eighth article We appoint compensated obligation as the damage a traveler received about its other transportation by the preceding clause. But, when proving that we and our staff weren't careless about transportation, it isn't this limit.

The nine article If the Company temporarily suspends operation or other measures to secure transportation safety due to natural disasters or other reasons that can not be attributed to the Company, the Company will compensate for the damages suffered by the passenger. I do not accept responsibility.

Traveler's responsibility

The tenth article When traveler's intentional young SHIKU depended on error or a traveler was because decree young SHIKU doesn't keep the regulation of this transportation provision, and we suffered damage, we ask compensation of the damage to the traveler.