The fare and the charge are as follows.

Fee for use

The distance system fare

Even 2 km of starting fare is 740 yen, every time I increase in 296 m after that, 90 yen are added.

Temporal distance in use fare

90 yen are added every 1 minute and 50 seconds (110 seconds) about a drive time of less than 10 K per hour.

Car for pick-up forwarding fare

I'll have 300 yen for once.

A usual meter fare will start at time you promise

Late at night and early morning extra

It'll be 20% increased from 22:00 to 5:00.

Discount of a fare and the charge

When there was presentation of a pocket diary concerned from a person with disabilities. It'll be 10% discount.

Other charges

When using parking area with charge and a toll road, I'll have the charge.

(It's equipped with ETC about a freeway, so a discount according to the distance, the day of the week and the time will be application just as it is.)

Time system fare

3050 yen per 30 minutes are added.For example if it's a course for 4 hours, when being extended by customer's convenience after that, 24,400 yen of 3050 yen per 30 minutes is added.It's suitable for sightseeing and a round of courtesy calls while putting the complicated baggage in the car because there are no transfers of a car.

※ Please use time system fare in more than 4 hours.

※ An application is needed application of time system fare beforehand.

※ Time system fare is applied about the actual nominal hour until transportation is ended after I arrive at the place a customer designated.

Please use reservation form for Ishikawa taxi.

Please enjoy supreme private space.