Privacy policy


Personal information protection policy

The importance of the strict appropriate handling of personal information protection is recognized, and I make an effort toward customer's personal information protection in order to use it relievedly.

The merit of the personal information and handling

When Ishikawa taxi (in the following, this enterpriser) acquires customer's personal information properly and treats acquired personal information, I obey a decree about personal information protection and make an effort toward appropriate handling of personal information.

The use purpose of personal information

I'll put the personal information acquired from a customer in the necessary reach on the execution of the business and use it, and it isn't used for other purposes.

It's used jointly between the cooperation vehicle to offer better service to customer's personal information in the reach of the allocating destination.

Safety control of personal information

This enterpriser leaks treated personal information and has an appropriate crackdown for safety control of loss, damage and other personal information.

Providing information to third parties.

This enterpriser doesn't elucidate personal information for the 3rd person except for the following case.

  1. When I got consent from a customer (the person himself).
  2. When it was requested based on a decree.

Elucidation of personal information and correction

When an offer of own confirmation of personal information, correction or elimination was made from the customer person himself, this enterpriser will correspond sincerely. In the case, I'll sometimes do the person himself confirmation.

Continuation of personal information protection

This enterpriser has a new appreciation and makes an effort toward improvement accordingly so that personal information protection may be continued appropriately.