Fixed amount pick-up service



Narita Airport fixed amount fare frame

Application zone

Azone Saitama City Toda City Kawaguchi City
Bzone Ageo City, Kamogawa City, Kitamoto City, Ina Town
Fixed fare(yen) Disability discount applied fare (yen)
Azone 37,300 33,500
Bzone 45,400 40,800
Late at night early morning premium application fare (yen) Person with disabilities discount application fare (yen)
Azone 44,700 40,200
Bzone 54,400 48,900

※ Tolls for expressways and toll roads and parking fees will be charged separately.

※ When you suspend transportation by your convenience, or when you change your destination to a place other than your destination, or when you go outside the transportation route scheduled at the time of application for your convenience, the change If the route deviates significantly from the fixed fare destination according to this approval, the fare meter will be displayed.

※ When being big and distant from the process top of the destination when it's in the zone at more than one platforms, it'll be another contract by the distance system fare after it'll be application of a zone fare (fixed amount fare) to the ride place where I got at the end or the getting place where I got off first.

※ When time from starting of transportation to the end is included completely during late at night early morning premium time (10:00pm-5:00am), late at night early morning premium will be application

Reservation is needed beforehand.

Please reserve by 2 days before using reservation form.

Please enjoy supreme private space.